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A secure 2018 AP Spanish Literature and Culture Exam is available on the AP Course Audit website. To access, sign in to your AP Course Audit account, and click on the Secure Documents link in the Resources section of your Course Status page.

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  • Event
    • Thu, May 9, 2019

    AP Spanish Literature and Culture Exam Day 2019

    • 8 a.m. | 3 hrs

Exam Overview

The AP Spanish Literature and Culture Exam assesses students' proficiencies across a range of modes of communication—with special attention to the interpretative and presentational modes of communication—and asks students to reflect on the many voices and cultures included in a rich and diverse body of literature written in Spanish. Exam questions assess all themes outlined in the course and exam description. Questions are based on works from the required reading list and ones that are not on the required reading list—the latter to allow students to apply what they have learned through the study of the required works and the historical and sociocultural contexts of those texts. The exam expects students to identify, explain, analyze and compare various works of literature, while using appropriate literary terms and while discussing the works within their sociocultural, geopolitical, artistic, and historical contexts.

Encourage your students to visit the AP Spanish Literature and Culture student page for exam information and exam practice.

Exam Format

Section I

Multiple Choice — 65 Questions | 1 Hour, 20 Minutes | 50% of Exam Score

  • Part A — 15 Questions; ~20 minutes
    • Interpretive Listening: Audio Texts
  • Part B — 50 Questions; ~ 60 minutes
    • Reading Analysis: Print Texts

Section II

Free Response — 4 Tasks | 1 Hour, 40 Minutes | 50% of Exam Score

  • Text explanation (short answer; ~15 minutes)
  • Text and art comparison (short answer; ~15 minutes)
  • Analysis of a single text (essay; ~35 minutes)
  • Text comparison (essay; ~35 minutes)

Exam Questions and Scoring Information

For free-response questions from prior exams, along with scoring information, check out the tables below.

Be sure to review the Chief Reader Report. In this invaluable resource, the Chief Reader of the AP Exam compiles feedback from members of the reading leadership to describe how students performed on the FRQs, summarize typical student errors, and address specific concepts and content with which students have struggled the most that year.

2012: Free-Response Questions
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