Quevedos Miré los muros de la patria mia: A Presentation

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The following PowerPoint presentation provides a thorough explanation of “Miré los muros de la patria mia,” the famed sonnet by 17th-century Spanish poet Francisco de Quevedo y Villegas. The presentation, in Spanish, includes an analysis of the poetic devices and language incorporated by the author to express his intimate vision.

Extensive research on the sonnet yielded diverse critical interpretations and unique insights into Quevedo’s intentions. Is the poem written as a critique of the political mismanagement of the vast 17th-century Spanish empire? Or is the poem, as some critics maintain, a modern existentialist interpretation of the human condition? Most likely, Quevedo’s poetic purpose was to reveal the historical reality of Spain, which he saw reflected in his own physical frailty. Undoubtedly Quevedo presents a moving message on the passing of time and the ephemeral nature of human existence.

Authored by

  • Michael Carlo
    Purdue University
    West Lafayette, Indiana