Reading Comprehension

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The reading component will comprise journalistic and/or literary selections followed by multiple-choice questions. In addition, some of the written texts may include a visual component or a Web page. As in the past, students will be asked to identify the main points and significant details and make inferences and predictions from the written texts. Some questions may require making cultural inferences or inserting an additional sentence in the appropriate place in the reading passage.

What's Different?/Changes to Reading Comprehension

(See Task H materials below)

  • Information about the source of the stimulus will provide additional contextualization.
  • Some stimuli will include visual components and/or noncontiguous text (realia).
  • Some questions will require inserting an additional sentence in the appropriate place in the stimulus.
  • Some questions will require making cultural inferences.


The AP Spanish Language student can:

  • Identify and summarize main points and important details and make appropriate inferences and predictions from a written text, such as a newspaper or magazine article or a contemporary literary excerpt.
  • Recognize cultural elements implicit in written texts.
  • Interpret linguistic cues to infer social relationships.

Field Test Materials: Task H