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Professional development is required for all AP Seminar and AP Research instructors. Teachers must complete curricular training prior to the first year of teaching each course. In addition, teachers must complete online assessment scoring training each year.

Required AP Seminar Curriculum Training

The summer before their first year teaching AP Seminar, instructors must complete a five-day workshop for the course. Instructors are required to attend a five-day workshop offered by select AP Summer Institutes one time prior to teaching each course—this is not an annual requirement.

Find out more about AP Capstone summer professional development.

Required AP Seminar Online Scoring Training

Each year, all AP Seminar teachers must take and pass the Team Multimedia Presentation (TMP) and Individual Multimedia Presentation (IMP) certification tests in order to submit scores for those performance task components. In addition, a separate activity within the TMP Certification Test module addressing student plagiarism is required. Training is available to teachers annually, in December.

To access the training:

  • Sign in to My AP.
  • Click the AP Classroom link next to AP Seminar.
  • Click Professional Learning at the top right of the page.
  • On the Instructional Modules tab, click the blue drop-down arrow to see all the activities in the desired module.
  • Once you've completed the activities in the TMP or IMP instructional module, go to the corresponding Certification Test tab to take the test for that component.

The suggested completion date for the TMP certification test and plagiarism activity is Friday, February 28. The suggested completion date for the IMP certification test is Friday, March 27. Teachers must enter student presentation scores and students must submit their work as final in the AP Digital Portfolio by the College Board deadline on April 30, 11:59 p.m. ET.