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AP Microeconomics

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Exam Overview

Exam questions assess the course concepts and skills outlined in the course framework. For more information, refer to the Exam Overview section in the AP Microeconomics Course and Exam Description (CED).

Encourage your students to visit the AP Microeconomics student page for exam information.

Calculator Policy

Starting with the 2022-23 school year (spring 2023 exam), a four-function calculator is allowed on both sections of the exam. Note that this is strictly a change to the calculator policy and does not affect the exam format (number of sections, number of questions), the type of questions students may see on the exam, or the course skills.

Exam Date

Fri, May 5, 2023

12 PM Local

AP Microeconomics Exam

Exam Format

The AP Microeconomics Exam includes two sections. The first section contains 60 multiple-choice questions. The second section is the free-response section, which includes one long question and two short questions. Below is a detailed breakdown of both the multiple choice and free-response sections.

Starting with the 2023 exam, a four-function calculator is permitted for use on both sections of the exam.  

Section I: Multiple Choice

60 Questions | 1 Hour 10 Minutes | 66% of Exam Score

Questions require the use of economics content knowledge and reasoning across the range of course topics and skills in skill categories 1, 2, and 3.

Section II: Free Response

3 Questions | 1 Hour (includes a 10-minute reading period) | 33% of Exam Score

  • 1 long free-response question (50% of section score).
  • 2 short free-response questions (each worth 25% of section score).
  • Students will be asked to:
    • Make assertions about economic concepts, principles, models, outcomes, and/or effects
    • Explain economic concepts, principles, models, outcomes, and/or effects
    • Perform numerical analysis
    • Create graphs or visual representations

Exam Questions and Scoring Information

2023: Free-Response Questions



Samples and Commentary

Free-Response Questions - Set 1

Free-Response Questions - Set 2

Past Exam Questions and Scoring Information

Score Reporting