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All online or distance learning providers that wish to label their courses AP, and appear as authorized AP course providers, must participate in the AP Course Audit.

Getting authorization for their courses will help these organizations promote greater awareness of their AP courses and continue providing their important service to students and schools.

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Online/Distance Learning Course Inclusion in AP Course Ledger

The AP Course Ledger serves as an official record of accredited institutions authorized to use the AP designation on secondary school transcripts. For non-accredited organizations, eligible AP courses selected by an accredited institution from their AP Course Audit account will be listed in the AP Course Ledger along with the organization’s name. Courses not selected by an accredited institution:

  • Will not appear in the AP Course Ledger
  • Will have associated authorization removed if the course has not been selected in 2 consecutive years

Use of College Board Trademarks

When referring to or using College Board trademarks, including the AP descriptor, in print or electronic material, all third parties must comply with the Guidelines for Using College Board Trademarks.

Virtual School Partnerships and Content Providers

The College Board is aware of some virtual schools that license their AP content from other virtual schools. In this situation, the licensee can choose whether or not to participate in the AP Course Audit. Your decision should depend on whether or not you wish your virtual school’s name to appear in the list of authorized course providers. Keep in mind that brick-and-mortar schools that wish to associate your courses with their school’s profile will be looking for your name in the list of authorized providers, and not, perhaps, the name of the virtual school from which you license content.

Online content providers, such as makers of virtual labs or curricular packages, cannot participate in the AP Course Audit. Such lab or curricular materials may subsequently be reviewed as part of an online or distance learning provider’s course, but stand-alone materials cannot be submitted to be evaluated as independent products. The AP Course Audit process is designed to review AP courses in their entirety, so only schools (whether brick-and-mortar or virtual) can submit course syllabi for review.