For Homeschool Providers of AP Courses

All homeschool providers who wish to label their courses AP, and appear as authorized AP course providers, must participate in the AP Course Audit.

Get Started with AP Course Audit

If you are a homeschool educator wishing to label your courses “AP,” you’ll have to sign in to, or create, your AP Course Audit account and follow the steps below. 

  1. Upload documentation verifying your homeschool provider status on file with your local, state, or federal education agency. A signed letter of intent is also acceptable. 
  2. Complete and submit the subject-specific AP Course Audit form online.
  3. Submit documentation showing your understanding of course scope.
    • Do you want to adopt an approved course plan or syllabus? Choose Adopt Sample Syllabus or Unit Guides. AP Computer Science Principles teachers also have the option to adopt one of the endorsed provider syllabi.
    • Are you submitting an original syllabus? Choose Submit New or Revised Syllabus. (See your specific course page for help creating a syllabus.)

Download the AP Course Audit User Guide for detailed instructions on participating in the course audit.

Use of College Board Trademarks

When referring to or using College Board trademarks, including the AP descriptor, in print or electronic material, all third parties must comply with the Guidelines for Using College Board Trademarks.

Using the Secure Practice Exams

Once you have submitted your AP Course Audit form, you’ll be able to access free, downloadable AP Practice Exams (for all courses except AP Art and Design courses). These complete AP Exams are only available to teachers; students can’t access them.

To get them, sign in to your AP Course Audit account and click on the Practice Exams link.

AP Practice Exams are for in-classroom use only. To ensure their integrity, make sure they are administered to students in a virtual classroom or to students at home, make them available to students within the testing period only, and do not post them on any websites.

You may incorporate questions from the AP Practice Exam into shorter assessments you create, as long as your assessments are administered in a secure environment and test questions are only available to students during the testing period.

Any additional distribution of the AP Practice Exam violates College Board copyright policies and may result in the termination of exam access for your school as well as access to other online services, such as the AP Teacher Community and online score reports.