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By offering AP Computer Science Principles, your school becomes part of a national movement to make computer science accessible to all students, including those traditionally underrepresented in the world of computing and technology.

Use the resources below to communicate the value of this course.

For Educators

These resources describe AP CSP and its benefits, best practices for implementing the course, and strategies to build a diverse classroom. Share them with your colleagues.

AP Computer Science Principles Brochure for Teachers and Administrators (.pdf/1.37MB)
Gives an overview of the course’s principles and pedagogy and explains its benefits to schools and students.
Bring AP Computer Science Principles to Your School (.pdf/1.46MB)
Explains the five steps to implementing the AP Computer Science Principles course.
Recruiting Students for AP Computer Science Principles (.pdf/1.75MB)
Provides evidence-based strategies to attract students who are members of groups underrepresented in computer science.

For Students and Families

Share these brochures with students and their families to encourage them to consider AP CSP.

Creative Thinkers Wanted (Spanish) (.pdf/1.84MB)
Explains to students how taking AP CSP can benefit them.