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Endorsement by Higher Education Professionals

AP Computer Science Principles was created with significant support from the National Science Foundation and more than 50 leading high school and higher education computer science educators who piloted the program at their institutions. See a list of pilot sites.

Academic leaders from over 100 colleges and universities reviewed the flexible and rigorous curriculum framework found in the AP CSP Course and Exam Description (.pdf/2.05 MB).

 These professionals overwhelmingly stated that they:

  • believed the course is a college-level computing course (88%).
  • would award college credit (86%).
  • would offer a comparable course (70%).

Credit and Placement Policies

Over 500 colleges and universities have already communicated their plans to offer credit and placement for AP CSP, and we expect to hear from hundreds more.

The College Board is actively working with institutions to develop and publish their credit and placement policies for AP CSP. Because policy development schedules vary, we recommend that students always contact an institution directly if they can’t find a published credit policy.

An asterisk (*) next to the institution name indicates that the institution has communicated that they have a credit and/or placement policy, but the policy has not been published on the institution’s website yet.