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College Board Professional Learning

College Board offers both face-to-face and online professional learning for new and experienced AP teachers as well as AP coordinators. Led by experienced instructors, AP professional learning provides educators with the support and training needed to successfully teach an AP course.

AP Summer Institutes


AP Summer Institutes are offered online and in-person, with 30+ hours of content-rich training on the course and exam, leveraging AP resources, and strengthening teaching and learning.

Scholarships are available for qualifying teachers.

Online Modules

Looking for guidance on how to teach quantitative reasoning in your AP Biology classroom? Start with the modules below. Both use examples from AP Biology lab investigations and exam questions to illustrate statistical tools and methods:

Quantitative Methods: An Introduction to Descriptive Statistics

This module explores how to teach the fundamentals of descriptive statistical analysis and covers graphing, error bars, standard deviation, standard error, sampling distributions, and how to interpret each one.

Testing Hypotheses in AP Biology

This module explores statistical hypothesis testing so that you can design instruction that helps your students interpret statistical analysis and appreciate statistical inference. You'll also explore the null hypothesis and how it helps students describe uncertainty about their results.

AP Online Workshops


Online workshops are offered as a combination of live and on-demand sessions led by expert AP teachers. Targeted exercises will explore the course and exam, enable effective lesson planning using AP resources, and model using data-driven feedback year-round. 

Teacher Webinars and Other Online Sessions

Developed by experts in AP instructional design, these free webinars and online sessions will guide you through the instructional resources and how to use AP Classroom effectively.

Webinars and online sessions are 20–90 minutes long and illustrate how the instructional suite can support your teaching this school year.

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