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A rich and inspiring exploration of African American history and culture.

2024 Free-Response Questions Available

The free-response questions (FRQs) are now available from the AP African American Studies Exam.

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Hear from students, educators, and scholars about their experience with AP African American Studies.

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AP African American Studies offers students a rich, evidence-based encounter with African American experiences.

In the course, students will:

  • Develop historical, literary, visual, and data analysis skills.
  • Engage with primary sources daily.
  • Access a digital collection from the Smithsonian.
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Course Development Timeline

AP African American Studies Course Framework

The AP African American Studies Course Framework is organized into broad chronological themes that survey the breadth of this interdisciplinary field.

About the AP Exam and Project

AP African American Studies has an exam and Individual Student Project that are assessed and scored together.

Educator and Student Perspectives

“This AP course introduces students to African American life and culture by deepening their understanding of the past and present through an array of disciplinary perspectives from the arts, history, and the social sciences.”

Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham, Harvard University

“It is a mainstream, rigorously vetted, academic approach to a vibrant field of study, one-half-century old in the American Academy.” 

Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Harvard University

“I want to be able to talk about current issues involving Black history and African American Studies. I want to be able to have class discussions in class about matters that impact our daily lives and the world around us.” 

AP African American Studies pilot student

“The first thing about Black history we are taught in schools is about slavery, but that’s not where our history began—it’s not fair the first thing when you think of Black history is slavery. I’m glad this course can change the narrative of that.”

AP African American Studies pilot student



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