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Beginning with the May 2017 AP Exam administration, all student audio responses (oral free-response tasks in French, German, Italian, and Spanish Language and Culture, and sight-singing free-response tasks in Music Theory) must be submitted in digital MP3 format using a web-based platform—the Digital Audio Submission (DAS) portal.

No more cassette tapes or CDs

Use school-owned digital recording technology to record student audio responses in the MP3 format—one MP3 file for each student. (Visit Recording Audio for information about recording options.) Then the school uploads and submits the responses online through the DAS portal.

What is DAS?

The DAS portal is a website that schools will use to efficiently and securely upload and submit students' recorded responses. The DAS portal is used only for submitting files to the AP Program. It is not a recording method.

The DAS portal works like this:

  • In April, AP coordinators at schools that ordered AP Music Theory and/or AP French, German, Italian, or Spanish Language and Culture exams receive an email with DAS portal access information. The AP coordinator creates an account.
  • After creating an account, the AP coordinator receives access information to share with any other school staff who will help with uploading and submitting students' recorded responses. With this information, school staff create their own accounts.
  • During the exam, students record their responses using digital recording technology. Recorded responses are saved and named following the instructions in the 2016-17 AP Exam Instructions.
  • After the exam, school staff ensure that all student response files are accessible on a computer. School staff login to the DAS portal from a computer, select the exam name in the portal, upload each student's recorded response file, and submit all files to the AP Program for scoring.

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Necessary equipment

  • A computer (Mac or PC) with access to the internet
  • Access to the student audio response files
  • Supported web browser: Internet Explorer (11.0), Firefox (41 or above), Safari (8.0 or below), or Google Chrome (45 or above)

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