How do I request late testing?

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To order alternate exams for late testing, click Create/Update Late-Testing AP Exam Order on the home page or left side of the AP Exam Ordering pages.

Late ordering 2018

Late-testing orders must be submitted by:

  • May 10 for schools outside the United States, including schools in the U.S. territories and Canada.
  • May 17 for schools in the United States.

If an emergency occurs after these dates, contact AP Services for Educators. If you have already completed an order for regularly scheduled exams for students who will now be testing late, click Create/Update AP Exam Order to reduce your previous order (if it hasn’t yet been processed for shipment). Students testing late should be included when you enter your "2019 Total Number of Students Testing" at the bottom of the Order AP Exams page. This number is used to determine how many AP Student Packs you will receive.

Please note:

  • Schools that only order late-testing exams won’t be able to order preadministration materials.
  • AP Instructional Planning Reports will not include data for late-testing exams.
  • Students who test late should be informed that their free-response booklets won’t be available for purchase following the scoring.