Returning AP Exams

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Preparing Materials

All secure AP Exam materials (exam booklets, orange booklets included with some of the exams, exams on CD, exams on tape, and master CDs):

  • Must be shipped before close of business the day following the school’s last scheduled exam of a particular AP Exam administration period (i.e., regular or late). For example, a school that administers its last regularly scheduled exam Friday must return its exams Monday;
  • Should be returned in one shipment, except:
    • Schools ordering more than 150 exams should select the split shipment option when they place their initial order. This way, they return all first-week AP Exam materials the beginning of the second week of testing, rather than storing the exams the entire two weeks.
    • Braille and large-type exam materials are shipped to schools separately from the regular exam materials and should be returned separately.
    • Exams administered on regularly scheduled exam dates should not be returned in the same shipment as exams administered on the late-testing dates.
      • Must be packed in the special cartons in which they were received. Using other cartons may delay receipt. If these cartons get damaged, exam materials could be lost.

Thursday, June 1, is the deadline for AP Services to receive all exam materials. You should be aware that schools are billed twice the fee for each exam in shipments received after this date.

Packing and Shipping Instructions

The AP Coordinator’s Manual (.pdf/5.61MB) gives you detailed instructions for packing and returning all exam materials. You can find instructions on how to pack, label, and return exam materials on pages 67–71. Make sure cartons are sealed securely.

Post-Exam Paperwork

You must complete or reference various forms during the exam. Some may need to be included in your shipment.

Generate Invoice and Pay

June 15 is the postmark deadline for AP Exam payments and invoices. To calculate their payment, AP Coordinators must go to the AP Exam Ordering website and follow instructions for generating, printing, and returning their invoices with payment.