Welcome to the AP Alumni Network

Did you take AP in high school? Want to help future AP students?

The AP Alumni Network is a community of former AP students who are passionate about the Advanced Placement Program and interested in sharing their experiences with policymakers to increase educational opportunities for students nationwide.

The AP Alumni Network is an extension of the AP Advocates Program, a community of over 1,900 teachers who use their voices to expand AP access and demonstrate the impact of the program to legislators across the country.

What AP Alumni Network Members Do

Alongside AP teachers and students, AP Alumni Network members join state and federal AP advocacy events and activities to share their stories about how AP prepared them for success, saved them time and money, and helped them secure meaningful careers.

Why Real AP Stories Are Powerful

AP teachers, students, and alumni understand the impact AP courses can have on a student’s education and career trajectory. Their powerful narratives reinforce the need for strong statewide policies and sustained funding for low-income students.

Research shows that taking AP can benefit students in many ways. Your story can support and complement these research findings:

  • Students who earn a 3 or higher on an AP Exam are more likely to perform well in subsequent college courses in the discipline; perform well in their overall first year of college; graduate in 4 years; and major in their AP subject or related discipline (especially students who take an AP course in STEM subjects).
  • Increased AP participation and AP success (defined as 3 or higher on an AP Exam) aligns with improved school performance.
  • Regardless of their score on the exam, AP offers benefits to students, including the chance to save time and money in college through earning credit.

Join Us and Share Your Story

Show policymakers the value of the AP Program by sharing the personal AP stories most meaningful to you. Did you feel more prepared for college because of your AP courses? Did your AP courses help you choose your college major? Did you graduate on time or early because of your AP courses? How has your AP classroom experience transformed your life?

As an advocate, you can build relationships with elected leaders on the school board and at the state or federal level through respectful, thoughtful, and honest conversations. Your voice can make a difference in the lives of students in your state and nationwide. So, tell us: What’s your AP story?

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