Higher Education Events

College Board holds a range of informational events on topics related to AP, credit and placement policies on campus, and other academic issues important to higher education.

For information about events taking place in your area or discipline, or to receive materials from past events, please email us at [email protected].

Our AP Higher Ed events include:


The annual Higher Ed Symposium brings together over 100 faculty from colleges and universities across the country for in-depth reviews of 1 or more AP courses and exams.

Previous symposia include:

  • Higher Ed Symposium on AP African American Studies (2022)
  • Higher Ed Symposium on AP Precalculus (2022)
  • Higher Ed Symposium on AP Capstone (2019)
  • Higher Ed Symposium on AP World Languages (2018)
  • Higher Ed Symposium on AP United States Government and Politics (2017)
  • Higher Ed Symposium on AP United States, European, and World History (2016)
  • Higher Ed Symposium on AP Biology, Chemistry, and Physics (2015)

Regional and Virtual Events

Throughout the year, College Board convenes faculty and academic affairs representatives to discuss a range of topics, including the rigorous college-level courses available through the AP program and how supporting AP participation through strong credit and placement policies can encourage a diverse pipeline of students leaving high school with college-ready skills.