Higher Education Events

College Board holds a range of informational events on topics related to AP; credit and placement policies on campus; and other academic issues important to higher education.  For information about events taking place in your area or discipline, or to receive materials from past events, please email us at [email protected].  Our AP Higher Ed events include:


The annual Higher Ed Symposium brings together over 100 faculty from colleges and universities across the country for in-depth reviews of 1 or more AP courses and exams. Previous and upcoming symposia include:

  • Higher Ed Symposium on AP African American Studies (2022)
  • Higher Ed Symposium on AP Precalculus (2022)
  • Higher Ed Symposium on AP Capstone (2019)
  • Higher Ed Symposium on AP World Languages (2018)
  • Higher Ed Symposium on AP United States Government & Politics (2017)
  • Higher Ed Symposium on AP United States, European, and World History (2016)
  • Higher Ed Symposium on AP Biology, Chemistry, and Physics (2015)

Regional and Virtual Events

Throughout the year, College Board convenes faculty and academic affairs representatives to discuss a range of topics, including the rigorous college-level courses available through the AP program and how supporting AP participation through strong credit and placement policies can encourage a diverse pipeline of students leaving high school with college-ready skills.