Setting Credit and Placement Policies

Over 99% of colleges and universities have an AP credit and placement policy in place.*

Based upon outcomes research and program evaluation, the American Council on Education (ACE) and AP recommend that credit and/or advanced placement be granted for AP Exam scores of 3 or higher. See the full credit recommendation chart.


The Review Process


  1. Assemble a policy review team on your campus. This team can include provosts, department chairs, and deans — any faculty and campus leaders who play a role in setting academic policies. Be specific about what you need and set a timeline for the review process.
  2. Make sure everyone involved has a solid understanding of your institution’s current AP policy.
  3. Visit AP course and exam home pages to download course descriptions. Share this information, along with credit-granting recommendations from College Board and the American Council on Education (ACE), with your review team.
  4. Review AP Exam scores and their correlations to college course grades.
  5. Take advantage of College Board’s additional resources, including recent research and tools your team can use to analyze AP students’ performance at your institution.

Once you have a revised policy, make sure it’s communicated to your staff and students through your website and bulletins.

* Out of 2,300 college and university campuses surveyed.

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