AP Studio Art Drawing Student Samples: Portfolio Exam Sections

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Each year in preparation for portfolio evaluation, the AP Studio Art leadership team selects samples from submitted portfolios. These selections serve as definitive examples of student work aligned with the given score point. Extensive training using the samples prepares evaluators to score accurately and consistently, applying the scoring guidelines to objectively analyze student work.

These samples represent typical student work at score points 2-6 on a 6-point scale, when evaluated using the 2017-18 exam scoring guidelines. Please note that the Sustained Investigation and the Range of Approaches sample sections are from two different students’ portfolios.

Each sample section includes:

  • images of the student’s work submitted for assessment
  • information the student provided about the work (e.g. size, media, and student commentary in Sustained Investigation sections)
  • scoring commentary written by exam evaluators, describing how the work aligns with scoring guidelines

We encourage you to use these samples to understand how AP Studio Art portfolios are evaluated. Please display the images in a large format (e.g., using a digital projector) so work can be clearly viewed in detail.  Discuss the samples with your students to help them learn how and why each sample demonstrates a specific score. Guide students in connecting the scoring commentary with observable features of work in each sample, relating the scoring guidelines to visual evidence. Show students how to apply the scoring guidelines to evaluate their own work. Help them recognize opportunities for creating and presenting images that represent their highest level of achievement.

Scores 2-6 with Scoring Rationales