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Learn about our intensive AP Summer Institutes and how to register.

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AP Summer Institute Scholarships

Each year, College Board awards scholarships for qualifying teachers to attend an AP Summer Institute or an AP Capstone professional learning event. Learn more about eligibility and the application process.

AP Summer Institutes offer the most thorough professional learning available for AP educators. Attendees engage in 30 hours of content-rich training designed to strengthen how they teach their AP courses.

You’ll leave your AP Summer Institute experience with ready-to-use strategies and pedagogical tools shared by an experienced educator within the AP community.

At your Summer Institute, you will:

  • Explore each section of the course and exam description, including the unit guides, while making connections to the course curricular requirements
  • Begin to develop a course plan by unit and topic that incorporates the full scope of your AP course into your school’s academic calendar
  • Examine formative and summative assessment items to identify content and skill pairings that are the targets of these assessments and create lesson plans to reinforce content and skill connections
  • Practice applying the scoring guidelines from the most recent AP Exam to samples of student work
  • Identify student strengths and weaknesses using data available through AP Classroom and Instructional Planning Reports
  • Explore ready-to-use strategies, instructional materials, and pedagogical tools pertinent to the content and skills required for success in your AP course
  • Develop meaningful connections within the AP community

You’ll explore these AP resources in-depth: Unit Guides, Topic Questions, Progress Checks, Question Bank, Instructional Planning Reports, Syllabus Development Guides, Sample Syllabi, and the AP Community.

Registration and Scholarships

Use our AP Professional Learning Calendar to locate AP Summer Institutes. Search by AP subject area and then follow the instructions to register.

AP Summer Institute fees vary by host institution. All attendees must pay the host institution at the time of registration. College Board offers a limited number of AP Summer Institute scholarships.

Summer Institutes for AP Capstone

Teachers of AP Capstone™ courses—AP Seminar and AP Research—are required to take part in professional learning offered by select AP Summer Institutes. Learn more about AP Capstone professional learning.

Host Institutions

Each AP Summer Institute is managed by staff at a host institution endorsed by College Board to ensure quality and consistency. Learn more about what it takes to host an AP Summer Institute. See the full list of AP Summer Institutes host institutions.


Can a school administrator register teachers for an AP Summer Institute?

No, school administrators are not able to register teachers for an APSI. AP teachers must register themselves using their College Board account. Teachers should coordinate payment for the APSI with their administrator offline. Each APSI has different payment policies; teachers should contact the APSI they register with to confirm payment processes. 

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May I attend an AP Summer Institute outside of my state?

Yes, AP teachers may attend an APSI training outside of their home state. This includes either on-site or online workshops.

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I attended an AP Summer Institute in the past and misplaced my certificate. How do I obtain a new certificate?

Contact the APSI you attended to obtain a new certificate. College Board does not provide APSI certificates. You can use the APSI calendar to search for current site contacts.

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How do I pay for my AP Summer Institute workshop registration?

All payments are handled by the host APSI. Please contact the APSI directly to arrange your payment.

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I need to change or cancel my AP Summer Institute registration. How do I do so?

Please contact the host APSI you have registered with to change or cancel your registration. APSI sites manage all registrations directly.

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