Become an AP Mentor

The application to be an AP Mentor is now closed for 2023.  

We are looking for experienced current AP teachers in the subjects below to apply to become a mentor for the AP Mentoring program. AP Mentors are encouraged to lead at least one AP mentoring group per semester, which consists of four one-hour virtual meetings a month. Mentors receive an honorarium for their work. 

Applicant Eligibility Requirements  

  • Current AP course-authorized teacher in the subject  
  • Have taught the AP course for at least 3 years 
  • Detailed knowledge of College Board systems and the AP Program, including your AP subject's course and exam description and how to use AP Classroom  
  • Experience facilitating online meetings through Zoom  
  • Be able to successfully integrate current technology and relevant resources, including AP Classroom  
  • Commitment to the mission and goals of College Board   
  • Recent AP reader experience in the subject (preferred)  

As part of the application, you’ll need to provide:  

  • Your résumé or CV. 
  • A current AP Course Audit syllabus or equivalent syllabus for your college-level course. 
  • A video (8–10 minutes in length) that shows you doing one of the following: 
    • Leading a professional learning event with other teachers (which could include an event within your local school/district or a one-on-one training session); or  
    • Leading an instructional activity with your students (in a group or individual setting). 

 A strong candidate’s video submission will: 

  • Demonstrate their ability to engage effectively with other educators in a professional learning setting; or 
  • Demonstrate their ability to motivate students in the delivery of an instructional activity.