Will AP Physics teachers need to resubmit in the AP Course Audit?

Yes. All new and returning AP Physics teachers will need to complete an AP Course Audit form attestation in 2024-25. They can select one of these three submission options:  

  • Adopt a sample syllabus or unit guide (preferred) 

  • Claim an identical syllabus to a colleague who has been authorized for the 2024-25 school year 

  • Submit a new or revised course document 

For teachers selecting the third option: The original course document should only outline how the course fulfills the curricular requirements and does not need to be the full syllabus used in the classroom. Teachers should not submit syllabi that include classroom management policies.  

Information about AP Course Audit requirements and updated sample syllabi and syllabus development guides are available on the AP Physics Course Audit pages on this site.

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