When will I receive my AP Summer Institute scholarship payment?

After your APSI sends College Board an invoice, the tuition payment for your AP Summer Institute will be sent directly to the AP Summer Institute you attended (you, your school, or your district should not be making any tuition payments to your APSI unless tuition cost exceeds your scholarship amount).

If you received an AP Fellows or AP Rural Fellows scholarship, we will send the remaining funds (to be used as reimbursement for travel and expenses) to the address on your W-9 45 days after payment to the APSI has been sent if you attended an in-person/on-site APSI.


  • APSIs can only send an invoice after the APSI session has started.
  • No money will be released for either tuition or reimbursement until College Board receives an invoice directly from the APSI after the APSI has started.
  • College Board cannot control when invoices are sent. All APSIs have been given a final due date of October 15th to submit their invoices. (Please contact your APSI directly with any questions regarding when your invoice will be sent).

Important information regarding reimbursements: APSIs may be offered both in-person and online. Reimbursement components to scholarships, when applicable, will depend on the type of APSI you attend and tuition cost:

  • Online APSI session with $0 cost tuition—no reimbursement. We ask that you contact College Board to let us know that you will not be using your scholarship at all so that it can be awarded to another teacher who is struggling to pay a tuition cost.
  • Online APSI session with a tuition cost—College Board will pay the tuition cost directly to the APSI. No reimbursement funds will be sent to the scholarship recipient.
  • In-person APSI session (held at a school campus or conference center, requiring travel)—College Board will pay the tuition cost directly to the APSI and reimbursement funds will be sent to the scholarship recipient to help cover out-of-pocket expenses for travel.

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