When I view my AP School Honor Roll Progress Report, I see a message that says “This percentage could not be calculated: your school did not provide 12th-grade enrollment data for the 2022-23 school year or it was reported as zero.” What does this mean?

To determine a school’s standing on the honor roll we must know what the overall grade 12 student enrollment population is at your school. This school-level student population data would have been submitted by your AP coordinator in AP Registration and Ordering during initial school year setup on the School Information and Participation Contacts setup screen under Settings. Your AP coordinator should check that the correct data is provided in AP Registration and Ordering at the start of each school year.  

You may also be seeing this message if your school does not have any 12th-grade students; in this case, your school is not eligible for the AP School Honor Roll. Your AP coordinator may also have left this field blank to indicate that the school would like to opt-out of the recognition in the given year. 


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