What’s the difference between a regular AP Summer Institute and the AP Project Based Learning Series?

The AP Program supports a teacher’s choice in selecting the professional learning experience best suited for them. Both professional learning opportunities offer in-depth exploration of the core document for the course, which is the AP course and exam description.

The AP Project Based Learning Series is a one-year highly interactive and ongoing professional development experience. This program includes a Summer Institute and follow-up workshops that focus on implementing this project based curriculum. This series is available for two AP subjects: Environmental Science and U.S. Government and Politics.

In contrast, traditional AP Summer Institutes are 30 or more hours of content-rich professional learning designed to strengthen how participants teach their AP courses. Participants leave with ready-to-use strategies and pedagogical tools shared by an experienced AP educator and explore these AP resources in depth: unit guides, topic questions, progress checks,  the AP Question Bank, instructional planning reports, syllabus development guides, sample syllabi, and the AP Community.

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