What steps do I need to take before exam day to prepare for the AP CSP Exam administration? 

If your school offers AP Computer Science Principles, you need to submit exam orders for students and ensure students submit their Create performance task on time (by the April 30 submission deadline). The Create performance task will be sent for scoring only if an exam has been ordered for the student. Only components of the Create performance task that have been submitted as final will be sent for scoring.  

Note: If students fail to submit their Personalized Project Reference (PPR) as final by the submission deadline, their written response portion of the end-of-course exam will not count toward the final score.   

Each student taking the AP CSP Exam at your school needs their printed PPR to complete Section II: Written Response. To prepare for exam day, AP coordinators need to:  

  • Log in to the AP Digital Portfolio after the April 30 Create performance task submission deadline.   

  • Go to the Progress page and print the PPR for each student taking the exam, whether the school is testing on digital or paper.  

  • Organize the PPR sheets to ensure all pages are included for each student.   

  • Store the PPR sheets securely before exam day, along with the AP CSP Exam packets.   

  • On exam day, give the printed PPR sheets to the proctor with the exams.   

During the exam, the proctor will distribute the PPR sheets to students following the directions in the AP Exam Instructions. The proctor must collect each student’s PPR back at the end of the exam and return them to the AP coordinator; they must be kept on file at the school for six months.   

IMPORTANT: It’s important to print out a PPR for each student before exam day, whether the school is testing on digital or paper.  

If you discover that students haven’t submitted a final PPR by April 30, 11:59 p.m. ET, contact the student or their teacher as soon as possible before exam day. If an individual student had an unexpected issue which prevented them from completing their submission by the final deadline, you can request an extension on the Progress page of the AP Digital Portfolio. If the student did not submit the PPR by the final deadline for any other reason, their written response won’t count toward their final score.  

Information on the PPR is also published on pages 132-134 of the AP Coordinator’s Manual, Part 2.   

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