What should I do if I discover that a student’s Personalized Project Reference is illegible once I print it? 

If you find that a student’s Personalized Project Reference (PPR) is illegible, contact the student and their teacher immediately. It is the teacher’s responsibility to ensure that a student’s final submission is legible and doesn’t contain any comments. Here are the steps to take:  

  • AP coordinator requests extension for the student on the Progress page of the AP Digital Portfolio   

  • Teacher returns PPR to student for them to update  

  • Student updates the PPR and resubmits as final  

  • AP coordinator reprints PPR prior to the exam administration  

  • If the PPR cannot be reprinted prior to the exam administration, the AP coordinator should order a late-testing exam for the student  

Students should read the Personalized Project Reference Tip Sheet for instructions on how to adhere to the guidelines for the creation of the PPR and create a readable document that can be used on exam day. 

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