What happens on exam day if the student’s printed Personalized Project Reference is illegible? 

If the Personalized Project Reference (PPR) is found illegible because of a printing issue, the AP coordinator must reprint the student’s PPR before Section II begins.   

If the AP coordinator discovers that the PPR is illegible because of the way it was submitted as final by the student, and that it can’t be printed in a clearer way, depending on school policy, the student can either:   

  • Be dismissed from the exam so they can work with the AP coordinator to resubmit the PPR and take a late-testing exam.  


  • The student can proceed with taking the exam with the PPR they have. If the student proceeds with taking the exam, the AP coordinator will submit an Incident Report.  

If the student is dismissed from the exam, the following steps should be taken:  

  • AP coordinator requests extension for the student on the Progress page of the AP Digital Portfolio   

  • Teacher returns PPR to student for them to update  

  • Student updates the PPR and resubmits as final  

  • AP coordinator reprints PPR prior to the late-testing exam administration  

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