What do the AP Summer Institute scholarships cover?

College Board APSI scholarships cover the cost of tuition at a College Board–endorsed APSI fitting the criteria of the scholarship. After APSI sessions start, APSIs invoice College Board directly for the cost of tuition and lab fees (if applicable). College Board then pays the tuition cost directly to the APSI.

The AP Fellows and AP Rural Fellows scholarships also come with a reimbursement component when the attended APSI is in-person/on-site. Any remaining scholarship funds, after tuition has been paid to the APSI, are sent directly to the teacher to defray the cost of travel and expenses for in-person/on-site sessions.

The AP Capstone Summer Professional Learning fee waivers cover the cost of tuition only to an AP Capstone summer training event. 


  • Only College Board–endorsed APSIs are covered by the scholarships or fee waivers. The AP Annual Conference, Pre-AP classes, one-day workshops, and other workshops are not covered. 
  • Scholarships and fee waivers only cover the cost of tuition; all other APSI costs including but not limited to tuition cost above scholarship amount, lodging, and food, are the responsibility of the scholarship recipient and should be billed to the scholarship recipient, not College Board. 
  • Scholarships and fee waivers are not renewable or transferable and can only be used for an APSI in the year they are awarded. 

Important information regarding reimbursements: APSIs may be offered both in-person and online. Reimbursement components to scholarships, when applicable, will depend on the type of APSI you attend and tuition cost:

  • Online APSI session with $0 cost tuition—no reimbursement. We ask that you contact College Board to let us know that you will not be using your scholarship at all so that it can be awarded to another teacher who is struggling to pay a tuition cost.
  • Online APSI session with a tuition cost—College Board will pay the tuition cost directly to the APSI. No reimbursement funds will be sent to the scholarship recipient.
  • In-person APSI session (held at a school campus or conference center, requiring travel)—College Board will pay the tuition cost directly to the APSI and reimbursement funds will be sent to the scholarship recipient to help cover out-of-pocket expenses for travel.

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