What are the printing instructions for the Personalized Project Reference? 

A student’s printed Personalized Project Reference (PPR) will include their name and AP ID.   

  • Consult with your AP Computer Science Principles teachers to determine if the PPR should be printed in color or in black-and-white. Color printing may be preferable for students whose programs were written in block-based programming languages (e.g., Scratch, Snap!).   
  • The PPR is typically 2–5 pages. It’s recommended to print single-sided to ensure there’s no bleed-through.   
  • You have the option to print the PPR for each student one-at-a-time, or in bulk. Whichever printing option you choose, ensure that you assemble the correct pages associated with each student’s PPR by reviewing the student’s name and AP ID on each printed page. Then, staple the multiple pages together for each individual student.  

This information is published on pages 132-134 of the AP Coordinator’s Manual, Part 2 along with other details about the Personalized Project Reference.  

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