What are the changes to the AP CSP Create performance task for 2023-24?

The Create performance task for 2023-24 will still consist of three components—program code, video, and instead of the written response, a student-authored Personalized Project Reference containing screen captures of their list and procedure. Students are required to spend at least 9 hours of in-class time developing their program code, video, and Personalized Project Reference. Each of these three components need to be submitted as final in the AP Digital Portfolio by April 30, 2024, 11:59 p.m. ET. Components that are not submitted as final will not be sent for scoring. Additionally, if students do not submit their Personalized Project Reference by the above deadline on the AP Digital Portfolio, they will not have this resource available on exam day to complete their written response section. 

The written response component of the Create performance task will become part of the end-of-course exam.  Students will no longer be asked to submit their written response in the AP Digital Portfolio as a performance task component. On the end-of-course exam, students will respond to two questions related to the code contained in their Personalized Project Reference. The two questions include four distinct prompts: Written Response 1, Written Response 2(a), Written Response 2(b), and Written Response 2(c). Each written response prompt corresponds to one of four categories: Written Response 1: Program Design, Function, and Purpose; Written Response 2(a): Algorithm Development; Written Response 2(b): Errors and Testing; and Written Response 2(c): Data and Procedural Abstraction. The specific prompts will vary across the different versions of the exam. Students will have access to their Personalized Project Reference when responding to these prompts. More information about what each of these categories consist of can be found in the Exam section of the AP Computer Science Principles Course and Exam Description. 




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