What are the best ways to ensure that the Personalized Project Reference is legible on exam day?

When creating screen captures for their Personalized Project Reference (PPR), students should use at least 10-point font in their application. Screen captures should be taken while the application is displaying at 100%. Displaying at more than 100% can cause the screen captures to be blurry. In the AP Digital Portfolio, each image entry box can take up to 3 screen captures. For longer code segments, it is advised to capture the program code using multiple screen captures and then upload the screen captures in order.  

If the student’s code is wide, the digital portfolio will shrink the image to fit the page. This can cause images to be blurry and hard to read. For wide code, we recommend that students first try to modify their code to be narrower. This could be accomplished by including extra variables or wrapping the code while adhering to the rules of the programming language. Another solution to wide code is to capture the program code using multiple screen captures and then rotate each of them 90 degrees. Rotate all the images 90 degrees in the same direction and then upload them in order.  

Once students have uploaded their images to the digital portfolio, saving the PPR will create a PDF document that students can open and print to verify if the program code is legible. This should be done before students submit their work as final to the AP Digital Portfolio. 

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