A student is taking a large-print AP Computer Science Principles (CSP) Exam at our school. How will the Personalized Project Reference for Section II be provided? 

Schools will need to print the Personalized Project Reference (PPR) at the appropriate size for students taking a large-print AP CSP Exam.   

If a student is approved to use screen magnification software:

  • The PPR may be downloaded onto a computer by the AP coordinator before the exam, which the student can use only during Section II of the exam with their screen magnification software. The computer used for this purpose must be school-owned and -controlled; a student may not use their own or a family member’s computer. The computer must be disconnected from any networks and the internet.  


  • Provide the student with a printed copy of the PPR, printed at a size large enough to meet the student’s need. 

Reminder: A student may use screen magnification software only if they’ve been approved for this specific accommodation by the College Board SSD Office.   

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