Once a student is notified that their work has been flagged for unacceptable use of AI, what options does the student have?

Once notified, students have several options depending on the severity of the violation. These include:

  • Voluntarily accept a score of 0 on that particular component of the performance task, and still receive an overall AP score.
  • Voluntarily accept cancellation of the entire exam.
  • Request a reconsideration of that particular component of the performance task. 

Students who request a reconsideration must submit supporting documentation that they believe refutes the original determination of unacceptable use of AI.

Acceptable supporting documentation may include:

  • Version history (e.g., Google Docs history) that includes all edits and changes made, the dates and times those edits/changes were made, and the evolution of the student’s work
  • Teacher attestation stating that the teacher observed the student’s work over time or that meaningful progress discussions were held with the student
  • A copy of documentation and notes used during required checkpoints with the teacher

Additional supporting documentation may include:

  • For AP Seminar: Evidence of interacting with original sources that are cited in the student’s work (for example, copies of the original sources and any notes or annotations the student made, preferably with timestamps)
  • For AP Research: Evidence from the student’s Process and Reflection Portfolio (PREP) showing the student’s original work over time, preferably with timestamps