I was awarded an AP Summer Institute scholarship and completed my letter of commitment, now what?

Register for an AP Summer Institute as soon as you receive scholarship award confirmation email since registrations fill up quickly. You must register as a College Board APSI Scholarship recipient. Select the scholarship option when registering for your APSI or contact the APSI directly to let them know that you have received a scholarship, and that your tuition, (up to your scholarship amount), will be paid for by College Board. The confirmation email you received from College Board can serve as proof, if needed or requested by your APSI.

You do not need to let College Board know which APSI you are planning to attend. The AP Summer Institutes bill College Board directly after sessions start. If you received an AP Fellows or AP Rural Fellows scholarship, any funds remaining, after your tuition is paid, will be sent to the address on your W-9 45 business days after payment to your APSI is sent if you attended an in-person/on-site APSI.


  • Invoices cannot be sent to College Board until after the APSI session starts.
  • No money can be released until your APSI sends College Board an invoice for the cost of tuition.
  • College Board has no control over when invoices are sent to us. All APSIs have been given a final due date of October 15th to submit their invoices.

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