How do I update my school’s free and reduced-price lunch (FRPL) student percentage that is used in determining eligibility for the additional AP Access Award?

To update this data, an AP coordinator may log in to AP Registration and Ordering and follow these steps: 

  • Navigate to the AP Registration and Ordering view.  
  • Select the appropriate school year from the dropdown. You may make updates to this data for both the prior school year and the current school year. 
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Expand the School Information and Participation Contacts section. 
  • Scroll to the FRPL Students field and choose Edit. 
  • Make updates in the displayed prompt and click Save

Note that this is different from marking individual student AP Exams as fee-reduced. You are providing the overall percentage of students at your school who qualify for free and reduced-price lunch, not just AP students qualifying for fee reductions. If you select the “My school has adopted the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) for the current academic year” option, then a proxy percentage of 75% will be used in the award calculation. 

Changes to the data for the 2023-24 school year may be made through June 24, 2025. However, to have their schools included in the public list of 2023-24 recipients, AP coordinators need to enter this data by August 31, 2024. 

If you do not wish to be considered for the AP Access Award, leave the percent of qualifying students field blank. Schools may still be considered for the AP School Honor Roll even if they do not wish to be considered for the AP Access Award. This field can continue to be updated even after your information has been submitted.   

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