Digital Exam Readiness Timeline

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Use this timeline to get ready for your digital exam administration. We will update this page regularly with additional dates and details.

  1. 2023


    Learn About Digital AP Exams

    AP coordinators attend webinars and discuss digital exam requirements with teachers, administrators, and technology staff.

  2. 2023


    Try a Test Preview in Bluebook

    Students and teachers can download the Bluebook™ testing app to explore sample AP Exam questions and try out the tools.

  3. 2023

    NOVEMBER 15, 11:59 PM ET

    Deadline: Order Digital AP Exams

    AP coordinators indicate digital exams in AP Registration and Ordering.

  4. 2023

    WINTER 2023-24

    Create Your Digital Testing Readiness Plan

    AP coordinators and teachers attend readiness training and develop a digital testing readiness plan.

  5. 2024


    Prepare Devices and Configure the Network

    Technology staff make sure managed devices meet requirements, Bluebook is up to date, and all necessary traffic can pass through the network. 

  6. 2024


    Review Exam Day Resources

    AP coordinators and proctors review exam day guides and proctor training resources to prepare for administering digital AP Exams.

  7. 2024

    MARCH 15, 11:59 PM ET

    Deadline: Submit Final Updates for AP Exam Orders

    AP coordinators can switch exams back to paper (or switch from paper to digital), if needed.

  8. 2024


    Set Up Test Day Toolkit

    AP coordinators set up Test Day Toolkit and grant access to proctors. 

  9. 2024

    MAY 6–10

    Administer AP Exams, Week 1

  10. 2024

    MAY 13–17

    Administer AP Exams, Week 2

  11. 2025

    MAY 2025

    Administer Digital AP Exams

    In May 2025, nine AP subjects will have digital-only exams.