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Important: This information is for the 2021 digital AP Exams only.

Digital exams work the same way whether they’re administered in school or taken at home. All requirements detailed in the AP Digital Testing Guide must be followed and students must complete all required preparation steps.

If schools choose to administer digital AP Exams in school in 2021, there are some additional aspects they need to consider while planning. AP coordinators remain responsible for ensuring exams are administered in alignment with AP Program policies and procedures, in particular those related to exam security.

If planning for in-school digital exams, consider:

  • Proctor requirements
  • Exam timing, including whether your school would need to remain open later than usual due to the exam administration of subjects with a 4 p.m. ET start time
  • Testing location
  • Device requirements
  • The administration needs for students testing with approved accommodations

For details see the Administering Digital AP Exams in School section in the AP Digital Testing Guide.