AP ID Label Sheets

AP ID Labels

When students provide their registration information in My AP when first enrolling in a class section, each student is assigned a unique, alphanumeric code known as an AP ID. Once an AP ID is assigned to a student, it remains their AP ID every year they take an AP course or exam.

An AP ID label sheet is shipped for each student included in your school’s AP Exam order.

Students place AP ID labels on their exam materials, connecting their materials with the registration information they’ve provided. 

For AP Chinese and AP Japanese Exams, students don’t place their labels on anything because the entire exam is administered online, but they’ll need to refer to their AP ID label sheet so they can enter their AP ID on the student information screen at the beginning of the exam.

For AP 2-D Art and Design and AP Drawing, students place their AP ID label on the back of their physical artworks before mailing them to the AP Program. 

The AP ID labels arrive at schools in the spring in a separate shipment from the AP Exams.

Note: The AP Program can’t guarantee AP ID labels can be produced for students added to your exam order after March 15. If a student doesn’t have an AP ID label sheet, you can look up the student's AP ID in your student roster in AP Registration and Ordering. The student will then need to write their AP ID on their answer sheet and other exam materials.