How AP Precalculus Fits into Students’ Mathematics Pathways

This table shows math pathways available to students based on their Algebra 1 school year.

Click on the table below to see it larger or download the Mathematics Pathways table.

Precalculus Pathaway Table

(Note: for integrated mathematics curricula that weave Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 into a united three-year sequence, the Year 4 and Year 5+ pathways are available depending on when the student begins the three-year integrated curriculum and follows the Pre-AP course sequence rows.)

* Represents an anticipated sequence for most students on this pathway.

^ It is anticipated that a higher percentage of students may pursue AP Calculus BC having had AP Precalculus due to topic coverage not found in some precalculus courses.

The Pre-AP course sequence is Pre-AP Algebra 1, Pre-AP Geometry with Statistics, Pre-AP Algebra 2.