Online Resources Recommended by AP Teachers

We surveyed AP German Language and Culture teachers about what online resources they recommend, and the list below comes directly from their responses. The list also includes teacher descriptions of the resources. This is not a comprehensive list, nor is it an endorsement of any of these resources by the College Board.

Deutschland Nichrichten

  • Instructional videos for students
  • Provides 20 specific cultural video examples on a variety of topics. Excellent material to help students prepare for the Cultural Comparison task.

Gimkit $  

  • Self-directed student practice
  • Game-based vocabulary review. There are some free basic features, but there’s a fee for audio questions, image uploads, and unlimited edits.

Logo Kindernachrichten

  • Instructional videos for students
  • A news show for children in Germany. They take current event topics and “explain them in a way that is easy for children to understand, but it just advanced enough for AP language learners.” The topics covered fit well into the six AP themes and make for good discussion points and boosters of topic-specific vocabulary.

Nancy Thuleen’s “Teach” Website

  • Online instructions tutorials/resources pages for teachers
  • A collection of handouts, links, worksheets that Nancy Thuleen created for the courses she taught at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. Activities range from easy to complex and explanations are well organized with clear examples.

$ = May require a fee  = Account creation needed