AP Environmental Science Labs

Learn more about lab investigations for AP Environmental Science teachers and students.

Nineteen AP Environmental Science laboratory investigations are available in AP Classroom for you to use with your students.

These labs give your students the opportunity to explore AP Environmental Science topics by implementing commonly used fieldwork and laboratory procedures, collecting and interpreting data, and proposing and justifying solutions to problems using evidence.

While you aren’t required to use them, you may want to consider incorporating one or more of these labs into your instruction for the current school year.

These labs:

  • Cover a variety of concepts found in different topics across the course.
  • Align completely with the course and exam description (CED) and indicate the course topics, learning objectives, and skills that students will engage with during each lab investigation.
  • Include both student and teacher editions with helpful instructional notes and sample student responses.
  • Offer suggestions and variations to accommodate schools in different settings.
  • Aren’t mandatory but can be used to meet the lab work curricular requirement.

How to Access the Labs

To access the labs, sign in to AP Classroom, then go to the Overview page of the Course Guide section of the left navigation.

  • Teacher editions are available under Teacher Resources
  • Student editions are available under Student Resources. You’ll need to share the student editions with your students before they can access them. 
  • As an AP Environmental Science teacher, you have access to both the teacher and student editions. Students can’t access the teacher editions.