How AP Course Audit Works

Get Started with AP Course Audit

Get Started

Visit course page
Teachers of the course visit Explore by Course and click on their course to open its specific Course Audit page, which contains multiple resources to help teachers understand and meet the curricular requirements.


Sign in to AP Course Audit
Teachers sign in to or create their AP Course Audit account.

Add course
Teachers click Add New Course and choose the subject.

Fill out form
Teachers fill out the online AP Course Audit form and submit it.

Approve form
The school AP Course Audit administrator—the principal or a principal’s designee—signs in to AP Course Audit and approves the form.

Adopt AP unit guides or submit a course syllabus
Teachers adopt AP unit guides or submit a course syllabus (their syllabus, a colleague’s authorized syllabus, or a sample syllabus). The deadline for submission is January 31.

After Submission

Program review
For teachers who submit a course syllabus, external college faculty members who teach an equivalent college course review the syllabus and grant AP designation if it’s approved. Teachers will hear from the program within eight weeks and, if needed, they have two additional chances to submit.

Teachers who adopt AP unit guides or sample syllabi or submit a colleague’s approved syllabus receive immediate authorization.

If the course is authorized
It is added to the AP Course Ledger. Also, the AP teacher is granted access to AP Classroom and online student score reports and secure documents including practice exams.

If the course is not authorized
Teachers can revise the syllabus and resubmit it. If authorization is not granted after the second submission, teachers can speak directly with one of the college faculty members who reviewed their syllabus for assistance.