What is academic integrity and plagiarism policy?

This policy addresses plagiarism and academic integrity in completing the Create Performance Task. 




The use of media (e.g., video, images, sound), data, information, evidence, or program code created by someone else or with generative AI tools in the creation of a program and/or a program code segment(s), without appropriate acknowledgment (i.e., through citation, through attribution, and/or by reference), is considered plagiarism. A student who commits plagiarism will receive a score of 0 on Create the performance task, including their responses to the written response prompts on the end-of-course AP Exam.

To the best of their ability, teachers will ensure that students understand how to ethically use and acknowledge the ideas and work of others, as well as the consequences of plagiarism. 


Acceptable Generative AI Use 


Students are permitted to utilize Generative AI tools as supplementary resources for understanding coding principles, assisting in code development, and debugging. This responsible use aligns with current guidelines for peer collaboration on developing code.   

Students should be aware that Generative AI tools can produce incomplete code, code that creates or introduces biases, code with errors, inefficiencies in how the code executes, or code complexities that make it difficult to understand and therefore explain the code. It is the student's responsibility to review and understand any code co-written with AI tools, ensuring its functionality. Additionally, students must be prepared to explain their code in detail, as required on the end of course exam. 


Preparing for Final Submission


  • Students are not allowed to collaborate on the video or creation of the Personalized Project Reference. 

  • The Personalized Project Reference cannot include comments within the code or on any other part of the reference resource. Including comments in the Personalized Project Reference will result in students receiving a score of 0 on the Create Performance Task, including their responses to the written response prompts on the end-of-course AP Exam.




During the final submission process in the AP Digital Portfolio, students will be asked to attest that they have followed the performance task guidelines and have not plagiarized their submission. Each of the three components of the Create performance task must be submitted as final to be sent for scoring.

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