How many students can collaborate on the Create performance task program development?

Collaboration happens when two or more students are actively engaged in the development of a program. Some examples of acceptable ways to collaborate are as follows. This is not an exhaustive list.

  • 2 students who are writing the entire program together, perhaps using pair programming.
  • 2 or more students who have divided a larger, more complex program into different separate parts, each writing their own part and then assembling the pieces into the finished program.
  • student(s) giving feedback on an independently or collaboratively written program.
  • student(s) providing debugging assistance to another student or collaborative group of students.

Students need to be actively engaged in the creation of the program code that they will submit for scoring. Students should cite any program code they were not actively engaged in creating and should not use these code segments when creating their Personalized Project Reference.

If students are combining independently written program code with another student, they should cite that the program code is written by a collaborative peer. To protect the anonymity of the collaborative peer, students simply state that the portion of program code was written by their collaborative peer, rather than putting the names of themselves or their collaborative peer in the program code.

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