Can teachers review student submissions before they are sent to College Board for scoring?

Teachers can review student submissions for the following purposes only:

  • Teachers can review the work students submit to ensure the files are correct or not corrupted (i.e., students upload correct files for the Create performance task). Teachers can return incorrect or corrupted files to the students.
  • Teachers should review the student-authored Personal Project Reference to ensure that it does not include any course content in the screen captures of the program code and all comments have been removed. 

  • Once students’ work has been submitted to College Board as final through the AP Digital Portfolio, teachers can provide feedback to students if they are being considered as part of a class grade. Note that classroom grades may differ from a student’s AP score.

Please note: Teachers who find that students have plagiarized by not acknowledging third-party sources should follow the guidelines for flagging the students’ work as plagiarized. Evidence of the plagiarism should also be provided. 

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