Online Resources Recommended by AP Teachers

We surveyed AP Chemistry teachers about what online resources they recommend, and the list below comes directly from their responses. The list also includes teacher descriptions of the resources. This is not a comprehensive list, nor is it an endorsement of any of these resources by the College Board.

PhET – Chemistry

  • Online simulation/laboratory experiment
  • Interactive simulations covering common laboratory experiments and particle models of concepts. Teachers can “use the existing objective and open-response questions already provided and/or modify/create new questions.” Teacher directives are “kept to a minimum to encourage investigation.”

Bozeman Science – AP Chemistry

  • Instructional videos for students; Instructional videos for teachers
  • Paul Anderson “explains essential chemistry concepts in short, entertaining videos with animations and graphics that aid in student comprehension.” Can be used as a “flipped classroom experience” or as a “follow-up to classroom teaching.”

Pivot Interactives $  

  • Online simulation/laboratory experiment
  • This interactive video tool allows students to learn from real events, not lecture or pictures. “With guided instructions, integrated data tables and graphing, students can conduct authentic science investigation online.”

American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT) – Classroom Resources $  

  • Online simulation/laboratory experiment; online instructions tutorials/resources pages for teachers
  • A “collection of activities, labs, animations, and lesson plans, organized by units,” in the CED. “Most provide editable teacher and student guides; usually easy to prep and execute in classroom.” Some materials are free, but a teacher membership gives access to all materials.

Flinn Prep $  

  • Self-directed student practice; instructional videos for students.
  • A mixture of text, videos, demonstrations, and randomly generated assessment for student practice. “A great review for students.” “Condenses, highlights, and assesses the basics all in one place.” Free trial available.

Flinn At-Home Lab Series

  • Online simulation/laboratory experiment; instructional videos for students
  • Online videos of labs performed by instructors. “Digital handouts and lab data are provided for students to complete the lab questions and calculations.” The questions “were of a similar sort that could be found on the FRQ.”

Explore Learning – Gizmos $  

  • Online simulation/laboratory experiment; self-directed student practice
  • Virtual labs with variables that can be modified to make them more interactive. Includes “Word documents with lab directions that can be modified for the level.” Labs have worksheets, data tables, questions, and short 5-question assessments. Some modules are free, but most require subscription.

Playmada Games – Collisions  

  • Online simulation/laboratory experiment; self-directed student practice
  • An online simulation of chemistry concepts. Helps students “investigate concepts at the particles level, so they really practice concepts.” “A visual depiction of core concepts…which allows students to interact and explore.”

Libretexts – Chemistry

  • Online text
  • A searchable clearing house of links to online textbooks and content. “This is a good source to review the information using online textbooks. It can be used as a resource besides the textbook.”


  • Online simulation/laboratory experiment; self-directed student practice
  • Virtual laboratory experiments covering most units in the CED. “Good for replacing in-person labs – good simulations at the appropriate level of difficulty are hard to find!” Also includes student tutorials, practice quizzes, and real-life scenarios.

Tyler DeWitt – YouTube Channel

  • Instructional videos for students
  • Video tutorials on chemical principles for both Intro and AP Chemistry topics. “Helps students learn chemistry ideas at their own pace. Excellent for review.”

ChemDemos – University of Oregon

  • Online simulation/laboratory experiment; online instructions tutorials/resources pages for teachers
  • Demonstrations, laboratory simulations, and active learning lessons listed by topic. Can be used for lab simulations and make-up activities. “An excellent resource for both laboratory and demonstrations.”


  • Online instructions tutorials/resources pages for teachers
  • Website of an experienced AP Chemistry teacher (Paul Groves) containing resources for teaching and learning in AP Chemistry. Contains classroom handouts, tutorials, study cards, and links to other useful sites.

Simbucket – Chem Think

  • Online simulation/laboratory experiment; self-directed student practice
  • Interactive tutorials and question sets on various chemical principles. “The interactive tutorials engage students deeply, and the question sets are very good at identifying weakness in student learning.”

Science Geek – AP Chemistry

  • Self-directed student practice
  • PowerPoints, notes, reviews, and interactive quizzes for each AP Chemistry topic. “Great extra activity and extra practice for students.”

$ = May require a fee  = Account creation needed