AP Chemistry Lab Manual

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The AP Chemistry Lab Manual: AP Chemistry Guided Inquiry Experiments: Applying the Science Practices features 16 labs where students explore chemical concepts, questions of interest, correct lab techniques and safety procedures. Teachers may choose any of the guided inquiry labs from this manual to satisfy the course requirement of students performing six guided inquiry labs.

The manual's unique design enables teachers to guide students through experiments and procedures that are easily tailored to diverse needs and appropriate for small and large classes.

The Lab Manual

  • Emphasizes scientific inquiry, reasoning, and critical thinking

  • Enables students to plan, direct, and integrate a range of science practices, such as designing experiments, collecting data, and applying quantitative skills

  • Includes lists of supplemental resources

Lab Manual Updates

Access the Lab Manual

Download the Teacher Manual for Free: The Teacher Manual is available through your AP Course Audit account. To access, sign in and click Secure Documents in the Resources section of your Course Status page.

Order the Bound Teacher Manual: Because the teacher manual contains answers, you will need an access code to order printed teacher manuals from the College Board Store. Access codes and instructions for ordering were emailed to teachers of authorized AP Chemistry courses on Feb. 21, 2013. If you need an access code, email store_help@collegeboard.org or call 866-315-6068. Printed copies are $18 each. (The bound teacher manual does not include the corrections from the Supplement to the First Printing; teachers can use the supplement to see what changed.)

Order the Bound Student Manual: You can also order the student lab manual from the College Board Store. (The student manual is not available as a PDF.) The manual enables students to investigate chemistry-related questions of interest as they use a variety of instruments, equipment and procedures. The cost is $18 for a single copy, $80 for a package of five. You do not need an access code to order the student manual.

For questions or concerns, email the AP Program.