Introducing AP Business Principles

Preparing all students for careers in business. 

What Is AP Business Principles?

AP Business Principles is an engaging introductory course for any student interested in a business major or career. The course exposes students to the fields of marketing, finance, accounting, and strategy through case analysis of real businesses. We are developing the course in partnership with colleges, universities, high schools, and disciplinary organizations. 

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A Flexible Approach

The AP Business Principles course will allow teachers instructional flexibility based on their school's specific needs.

For example:

  • Teachers can tailor the course to their local contexts.
  • Discretionary time is built into the full-year course for the entrepreneurship project, business case analysis, formative assessment, and exam practice. 
  • Teachers can opt to teach personal finance topics throughout the course and/or after the exam, an important priority for many students and schools.
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During the course, students will:

Gain deep understanding of the business field and its role in society

Use six lenses to explore business successes and areas for improvement

Learn how businesses create value and earn profits by meeting customers’ needs

Apply course concepts to real business cases

Build a business project of their choosing

Course Development Timeline

Get Involved

We encourage high school educators and college faculty to join us in developing AP Business Principles. If you'd like to lend your expertise, sign up below.