AP African American Studies Exam and Project Overview

In spring 2024, students at the year two pilot schools will take the AP African American Studies Exam. Students at all participating U.S. schools will take the exam starting in spring 2025. An exam and an Individual Student Project will be assessed and scored together.

About the Exam 

The AP African American Studies Exam assesses student understanding of the course concepts and skills outlined in the course framework. The exam includes multiple-choice and free-response questions, as well as the Individual Student Project. The exam score and project score are combined to generate an AP score of 1–5 for college credit and placement. 

About the Individual Student Project  

The Individual Student Project provides students with an opportunity to research any topic, theme, issue, or development in the field of African American Studies. Students will define a research topic and line of inquiry, conduct independent research, present their argument, and participate in an oral defense. A detailed Project Manual provides day-by-day guidelines for the three weeks of class time this project occupies in the spring. 

More information on the exam is available in the new AP African American Studies Course Framework (2024-25).