Choosing and Preparing Proctors

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Proctor Eligibility Criteria

The AP Program uses the term proctor to refer to any adult authorized by the AP coordinator who helps administer an AP Exam. Proctor duties vary: A proctor typically supervises the testing room, reads the exam administration script, distributes and collects exam materials, and accepts responsibility for timing the exams and ensuring exam security.

When selecting proctors, consider the following: Reliability, attention to detail, maturity, understanding of the importance of the administration, and acceptance of the security policies mandated by the AP Program.

  • Proctors may be professionals, substitute teachers, or members of the administrative staff. They may not be high school students.
  • Teachers, including AP teachers, may serve as proctors for exams in a subject area other than the one in which they teach.
  • Retired teachers may serve as proctors for exams in a subject area other than those in which they have taught.
  • An individual may not proctor an AP Exam or handle materials for an exam in the year in which an immediate family or household member may be taking that exam. This is the case whether the immediate family or household member is at the school where the individual works or at any other school.
  • Proctors may not take any AP Exam or review in any manner the content of the exam.
  • Proctors may not be employed part or full time at a test preparation company.
  • Proctors may not participate in any coaching activity that addresses the content of secure College Board tests.

Please be aware that a conflict of interest may result in score cancellation.

AP proctor training

Coordinators are expected to provide their proctors with specific information about exam administration procedures. A proctor training script is available in the AP Coordinator’s Manual (.pdf/5.61MB).

Proctors should:

  • Familiarize themselves ahead of time with the administration and exam security procedures in the AP Coordinator’s Manual (.pdf/5.61MB)
  • Read all of the general and the appropriate subject-specific exam administration instructions to understand the flow of the administration